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How To Test Your Starlink Internet and Wifi Speed

I always recommend regularly checking your Starlink internet and Wifi speed. Maintaining a good connection is important for many internet activities, like streaming movies, video calling, and online gaming. Checking your Starlink’s performance often could help you spot issues with your network, before they cause problems. In this guide, I’m going to show you how to test your Starlink speed, in addition to your Wifi speed. The Starlink app is the best way to accomplish this, but I will also recommend some other speed test apps and websites to consider. Finally, I’ll explain how to read the results, and how …

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How To Fix The Starlink Motors Stuck Error

Starlink dishes have electric motors inside that allow them to self-align to the Starlink satellites. When you first power on the unit, the dish will point straight up to find a signal, and then it will move into an optimal position a few minutes later. The “Starlink Motors Stuck” error pops up on the Starlink app when the motors in your dish are unable to aim or move. When the motors aren’t working, you can expect performance problems or even service interruptions. In some cases, your dish won’t be able to connect at all. If you are getting the motors …

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4x Faster Wi-Fi Speed? Hands-On With The New Starlink Gen 3 Router

The next generation Starlink hardware is right around the corner. Starlink recently got FCC approval for two new dishes, and they are also giving some customers a chance to try out the new Gen 3 router. It’s backwards compatible with previous Starlink generations, so I bought one to test out. Learn all the features and specs of the new Starlink Gen 3 router, and see how it manages to be more than 4 times faster than previous generations, in this review. I will also walk you through the installation and setup process for each generation of Starlink. Is it a …

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Starlink Pipe Adapter – Installation And Review

The Starlink Pipe Adapter is an official accessory from Starlink that allows you to attach your dish to any pole, mast, or J-mount. It’s a simple piece of hardware that gives you a lot of flexibility in where you can mount your Starlink dish. I get this question a lot: “Can I reuse my old satellite dish mount?” With the Pipe Adapter, the answer is yes! Since it is compatible with virtually any kind of pole, the Pipe Adapter can be used in many different ways. Maybe you have an old HughesNet or Viasat J-mount already installed on your roof, …

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Starlink Cable Routing Kit Install And Review

The Starlink Cable Routing Kit is an official accessory that allows you to run the Starlink cable through an exterior wall. It includes everything you need to install it yourself. While it is possible to install the cable through a wall using off-the-shelf parts, I think most people will appreciate this complete DIY kit, designed specifically for the Starlink cable. You can buy the Cable Routing Kit from the Starlink shop. Only customers can access the shop, so you’ll need to be logged in to view the page. It costs $26 in the US market. The kit is available for …

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How To Disable The Starlink Antenna Motors

In this post, I’m going to show you something I never thought I would do – cut a hole in a Starlink dish! With a small hole on the back of the dish, I am able to access the motor connector. By unplugging it, I can disable the Starlink dish motors to manually point it wherever I want. There are a couple of reasons why you would want to disable the Starlink motors. Maybe you are dealing with obstructions, and believe you would have better luck with Starlink pointing in a different direction. Or you could have a portable use-case …

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How To Bypass The Starlink Router To Use Your Own

Starlink Gen 3 router bypassed

The Wifi router that comes with every Starlink kit works great for most people. It has the basic features you would expect from any Wifi router, and the performance is good for small areas. But what if you have an existing router you want to use with Starlink? Or maybe you are looking to upgrade to an aftermarket router for more features and performance? To use a different router with Starlink, you will need to know about bypass mode. Bypass mode turns off the Wifi and routing functions of the Starlink router, so that 3rd party networking equipment can take …

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Easy Plug And Play 12V DC Power Supply For Starlink Roam

This image shows the completed Starlink DC 12V power supply.

Starlink officially launched their Mobile (also called Roam) service tier way back in May of 2022, but the lack of official accessories made for RV’s continues to baffle me and many of my readers. The most requested accessory for Starlink Roam is a 12V DC power supply. So far, Starlink hasn’t delivered in that area. Thankfully, 3rd party companies have answered the call, and there are several ways to create your own Starlink DC power supply. With a few supplies, and basic electrical skills, you can build your own DC power supply for Starlink. It can be powered by your …

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Starlink Ridgeline Mount Kit – Installation And Review

The Starlink Ridgeline Mount Kit is a non-penetrating roof mount that is designed to work with virtually any roof style, pitched or flat. On a pitched roof, you simply install it at the ridgeline. The base adjusts to almost any angle. It can also be configured to sit on a flat roof. No drilling required! Ballast weights hold the mount to the roof. I’m pretty excited to take a look at this new mount. I have a Residential Starlink and an RV Starlink dish. I like to keep my RV dish powered on so the firmware can stay up-to-date. The …

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Starlink Ethernet Adapter Setup And Review

The Starlink Ethernet Adapter is an accessory from Starlink that adds an Ethernet port to your system. It’s a small device that plugs into the router. The Wifi router that is included with the Gen 2 Standard hardware kit does not have an Ethernet port. So if you would like to connect devices to the internet using a hardwire Ethernet connection instead of Wifi, you will need the Starlink Ethernet Adapter. In this guide, I will walk you through the very simple steps of installing and setting up the Ethernet Adapter. I’ll also give you my review, including my initial …

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