Network Hardware

This section covers network hardware. Routers, switches, adapters, and other network accessories related to Starlink.

Starlink Ethernet Adapter Setup And Review

The Starlink Ethernet Adapter is an accessory from Starlink that adds an Ethernet port to your system. It’s a small device that plugs into the router. The Wifi router that is included with the Residential and RV hardware kits does not have an Ethernet port. So if you would like to connect devices to the internet using a hardwire Ethernet connection instead of Wifi, you will need the Starlink Ethernet Adapter. In this guide, I will walk you through the very simple steps of installing and setting up the Ethernet Adapter. I’ll also give you my review, including my initial …

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Best Aftermarket Wifi Routers For Starlink

For most people, the Wifi router included with the Starlink hardware kit will work just fine. But if you want better performance, more features, or expanded coverage, an aftermarket router is a good upgrade to make. The Starlink router performs just fine, but gamers and other power users might want the expanded capabilities that it can’t provide. With Starlink, the Wifi router and dish power supply are built into the same device. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bypass the router and use your own. In this guide, I will show you how to use an aftermarket router with Starlink. …

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How To Buy Starlink Accessories

The Starlink hardware kit comes with a temporary mount, standard length Starlink cable, and Wifi router. This is all the hardware you need to get started, but Starlink accessories allow for permanent installation, increased home Wifi coverage, and more.  There are different options for many of the accessories that you might want for your Starlink system. For example, mounts can be sourced from 3rd party stores like Amazon, in addition to the official Starlink store.  In this article, I will list all the popular Starlink accessories, as well as aftermarket alternatives to consider. I will also explain the ordering process …

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Starlink Mesh Nodes – Mesh Networks Made Easy

Mesh networks are nothing new in home networking, but a new Starlink accessory allows customers to easily implement a mesh network without 3rd party hardware or IT knowledge. The new accessory, called Starlink Mesh Nodes, is now available for Starlink customers with the rectangular dish. In this article, we will explain what mesh networks are, go over the details on the new Starlink Mesh Nodes, and also offer 3rd party alternatives to consider. What is a mesh network? A mesh network is a system of wireless access points (mesh nodes) that can all communicate with each other, and with the …

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