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Here you will find articles covering a variety of PC and electronics accessories, that aren’t related to Starlink.

Starlink Cable Routing Kit Install And Review

The Starlink Cable Routing Kit is an official accessory that allows you to run the Starlink cable through an exterior wall. It includes everything you need to install it yourself. While it is possible to install the cable through a wall using off-the-shelf parts, I think most people will appreciate this complete DIY kit, designed specifically for the Starlink cable. You can buy the Cable Routing Kit from the Starlink shop. Only customers can access the shop, so you’ll need to be logged in to view the page. It costs $26 in the US market. The kit is available for …

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Can A USB-C Cable Be Extended?

USB-C is becoming increasingly popular across all types of devices. Phones, tablets, PC’s, and even electronic accessories are using the USB-C port to transfer power and data. In the past you may have had half a dozen charging cables in your junk drawer. With USB-C becoming a widely adopted standard, you can use one cable for multiple devices. One area of confusion is the multiple USB standards, and how they relate to the USB-C connector. Can USB-C cables be extended using cable extensions? And if you do extend it, will it have the same performance capabilities? In this article, I’ll …

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