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Find information on the types of accessories that are available for Starlink. We provide information on official and aftermarket Starlink accessories.

Tutorial: 12V DC Power Supply For Starlink RV

Starlink officially launched their RV service tier way back in May of 2022, but the lack of official accessories made for RV’s continues to baffle me and many of my readers. The most requested accessory for Starlink RV is a 12V DC power supply. Right now, there isn’t a plug and play solution, even from 3rd party manufacturers. With a bit of modification, you can build your own DC power supply for Starlink. It can be powered by your existing 12V, 24V, or 48V power system. If you don’t want to deal with inverters, and wish to run Starlink directly …

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Starlink Ridgeline Mount Kit – Installation And Review

The Starlink Ridgeline Mount Kit is a non-penetrating roof mount that is designed to work with virtually any roof style, pitched or flat. On a pitched roof, you simply install it at the ridgeline. The base adjusts to almost any angle. It can also be configured to sit on a flat roof. No drilling required! Ballast weights hold the mount to the roof. I’m pretty excited to take a look at this new mount. I have a Residential Starlink and an RV Starlink dish. I like to keep my RV dish powered on so the firmware can stay up-to-date. The …

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Starlink Ethernet Adapter Setup And Review

The Starlink Ethernet Adapter is an accessory from Starlink that adds an Ethernet port to your system. It’s a small device that plugs into the router. The Wifi router that is included with the Residential and RV hardware kits does not have an Ethernet port. So if you would like to connect devices to the internet using a hardwire Ethernet connection instead of Wifi, you will need the Starlink Ethernet Adapter. In this guide, I will walk you through the very simple steps of installing and setting up the Ethernet Adapter. I’ll also give you my review, including my initial …

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Starlink RV Case Guide – Official And Aftermarket Options

Starlink RV has proven very popular with recreational users who need internet service in remote areas. If you plan on using Starlink RV, it’s a good idea to protect your hardware during transport and storage. There are a number of different options when it comes to Starlink RV cases. There is an official Starlink RV case, and several aftermarket cases that are perfectly sized for the rectangular Starlink dish. In this guide, we’ll cover some products that are well suited to storing and transporting Starlink. Do I Really Need A Case? If you plan to take your Starlink kit on …

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How To Buy Starlink Accessories

The Starlink hardware kit comes with a temporary mount, standard length Starlink cable, and Wifi router. This is all the hardware you need to get started, but Starlink accessories allow for permanent installation, increased home Wifi coverage, and more.  There are different options for many of the accessories that you might want for your Starlink system. For example, mounts can be sourced from 3rd party stores like Amazon, in addition to the official Starlink store.  In this article, I will list all the popular Starlink accessories, as well as aftermarket alternatives to consider. I will also explain the ordering process …

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